ALEX©: A mobile adult literacy experiential learning application

Lumsden, J., Leung, R., D’Amours, D., and McDonald D. (2010). ALEX©: A mobile adult literacy experiential learning application. International Journal of Mobile Learning and Organization (IJMLO) Special Issue on Mobile and Ubiquitous Technologies for Language Learning, 4(2), pages 172-191. 


Motivation: An alarmingly high number of adults in the world’s most developed countries are linguistically functionally illiterate.

Goal: The research presented in this paper describes ALEX©, an ongoing attempt to successfully develop an innovative assistive, mobile, experiential language-learning application to support the daily literacy education and needs of such adults, anywhere, anytime.

Work: We introduce a set of guidelines we have collated to inform the design of mobile assistive technologies, introduce our application and describe the design activities to date that have led to the development of our current application. We present this overview in the hope that it is useful to others working in the fledgling domains of mobile assistive technology design and/or mobile experiential language-learning technologies. 

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