S-HOME: Designed for Older Novice Users

product owner | interaction design | wireframe | paper prototype | testing


Smartphones can be challenging for older novice users to use. It takes many steps to perform tasks, even common ones, and information is often buried or hidden.


I worked with a local startup to design and productize an Android home screen replacement for older novice smartphone users.

My role: I led the UX design efforts, which included generating feature ideas and designing interactions based on my PhD research. My team included two software developers that produced the needed code, two executives from the startup that provided guidance, and a visual designer who joined later to improve the visual polish.

Design: Our design approach was to minimize steps needed to common tasks (and thus points for confusion) and make UI elements easier to see and interact with. 

Evaluations: We ran several rounds of quick and focused evaluations of our latest designs. We created a variety of prototypes (e.g., paper, medium fidelity) to test and improve the design. 


We created a home screen app called S-Home, which was released on the Android App store in 2011.